A deeper understanding of Australia's Antarctic Territory

30 April 2012

Geology of the Stillwell Hills, Antarctica. Copyright Geoscience Australia.

Geology of the Stillwell
Hills, Antarctica.
© Geoscience Australia

New geological frontiers have been reached with the release over the coming months of detailed geological maps of unique regions in the Antarctic that have large exposures of ancient bedrock.

Geoscience Australia has just released the first map in this series, a 1st edition 1:25 000 scale geological map of the Stillwell Hills in Kemp Land, Antarctica. The maps will provide valuable insights into the complex geological evolution of the Antarctic continent.

For example, the Stillwell Hills is made up of rocks affected by elevated temperatures and pressures during episodes of geological upheaval during the last 2500 million years.

The new series of maps also represents important environmental baseline datasets that will help inform the development of environmental protection and management protocols for the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT).

Mapping these regions also fulfils Australia's commitments under the Antarctic Treaty System to continue enhancing our scientific understanding of the Antarctic.

Future map releases of the AAT will include the Beaver Lake region of the Prince Charles Mountains, the Rauer Group near Davis Station and the Windmill Islands near Casey Station.

The Stillwell Hills map was produced in collaboration with the University of Tasmania and the Australian Antarctic Division. It is available free as a PDF download or can be purchased through the Geoscience Australia Sales Centre.

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