Our Capabilities - Geomagnetism

Geoscience Australia provides information on the behaviour of the geomagnetic field in the Australian region. This information is used for:

  • navigation
  • geophysical exploration
  • magnetic direction-finding
  • magnetic detection
  • space weather analysis
  • the mitigation of geomagnetic hazards
  • related research into the nature of geomagnetic phenomena
  • Earth structures and solar-terrestrial physics.

The data that underpin this information are obtained from Geoscience Australia’s network of nine geomagnetic observatories and fifteen repeat stations in Australia, Antarctica and the southwest Pacific.

Our primary products and services include:


  • Geomagnetic time-series data, available on request or via Minute Values Request Form
  • Listings of Australian observatory data and mean values, available on request
  • Magnetograms from Australian observatories via Minute Values Request Form
  • Australian Geomagnetism Report
  • AGRF software package – calculates the magnetic field anywhere within the Australian region according to the Australian Geomagnetic Reference Field Values (AGRF)
  • IGRF software package – calculates the magnetic field anywhere in the world according to the IGRF


  • calibration service of magnetic direction finding equipment and magnometers
  • Provision of magnetic observatory datasets and indices of magnetic disturbance to international data centres
  • Supply global and regional reference field models and charts
  • Conduct local geomagnetic surveys e.g. for selecting instrument calibration sites
  • Conduct airport compass swing bay/site surveys
  • Aon reference fields and direction-finding applications
  • Provide information present-day and historical geomagnetic field directions
  • Train observers in magnetic observatory and survey methods

Topic contact: geomag@ga.gov.au Last updated: May 8, 2013